Continuous cooling & free cooling

A safe combination of techniques to ensure that our DataCenter is efficient and sustainable.

What do we mean by continuous cooling in a critical environment such as a data center? Refers to the practice of maintaining a constant and stable temperature by using cooling systems that run continuously rather than turning on and off as needed.

✅ That is, instead of cooling the data center room in intermittent cycles, continuous cooling uses energy-efficient cooling systems to keep the temperature constant and stable.

This practice is directly proportional to the benefits that can be obtained, such as extending the useful life of the equipment, which leads to reduced operating costs in maintenance and, in turn, improves the energy efficiency of the center and therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Combined with FREE COOLING, that is, taking advantage of the thermal difference between the interior of DC and the north face of the building, ensures maximum energy efficiency by not having to cool down the outside air.

All these affirmations can be calculated with a certain prolonged study in the production of the different systems and with a considerable occupation relative to the IT space, greater than 80%. But in the meantime, can we obtain any other benefit from continuous cooling and free cooling that we make available to our customers from the first shot?

In our IT room we have 4 water cooling rings of 1000 kW each. With a volume of water of about 80m3 and working in a temperature delta of 15-20, we can affirm that, in the event of a power failure, failure in the generating set systems, failure in chiller startups, our continuous cooling system it is designed to withstand a controlled temperature rise of 10ºC in 15 minutes.